“ I have experienced major improvements in my recovery from treatment on many levels. The treatment expanded to other issues I have as well, like recovering from my myomectomy surgery and infertility issues…”

“ I feel its a partnership with her because of the way she approaches my care”

The care I have received from Melissa Lone has exceeded my expectations. 

“ I’m hooked on Acupuncture as a lifestyle now, because of Melissa Lone…”

“ Melissa’s caring manner, knowledge and desire to resolve health issues made a remarkable difference” 

“Pain sudsided and is now gone in my legs” 

“ She has a talent for bodywork, she understands the body very well. I would recommend Melissa to anyone” 

“Melissa has a natural talent for body work and Acupuncture. She finds Acupoints with ease and hits them with the needle right away, which makes for an uncomplicated treatment. “ 

“ …she has released some painful areas that have been bothering me for a long time. ” 

“Regular acupuncture treatments from Melissa have almost completely wiped out my PMS symptoms. “

“ Melissa’s comprehensive treatments have allowed me to return to a regular work out schedule even with arthritis and bunion problems in my foot”

“She doesn’t just put the needles in and leave. She is very intuitive and listens. “

“ My focus and energy are increased leaving me better able to deal with life’s up’s and downs.”

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