Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years. Eastern Thought: It is a medicine based on observation. It is not only a medicine, but strongly based into “the Tao” it is also, a spirituality and a way of life. It is based on Meridian Therapy. Based on the observation of the flow of water through channels in China, the meridians are like streams and rivers that flow from one into the next with our bodies. As the streams get blocked or dry up, they cause a disruption in the flow, thereby causing discomfort and eventually pain. The longer this is neglected, the stream that blocked or neglect then starts to affect the river from which it flowed or other other streams to where it should flow.

~Acupuncture has the ability to unblock these streams or rivers of Qi and Blood, and ” summon” the waters ( qi and blood) to restore the body’s natural inclination to flow smoothly. ~19379823_1741456792537204_6422913077640953856_n

Western Thought: Acupuncture increases blood flow to a given area. Moreover, many of the points are locate adjacent to nerve junctions that have the ability to stimulate the nervous system without causing pain. Acupuncture also has been proven to trigger certain endorphins to be released into the body aiding in pain relief.

Motor Point Therapy: This is a western style technique I utilize derived by Matt Callison, where I use certain points specifically located within each muscle which are adjacent to the nerve junction, and when properly stimulated tricks the muscle to ” reset” or “reboot”. This is very useful for chronic conditions, where the body has tried to protect itself by shutting down certain muscle groups to demobilize the injury, which is helpful in an acute trauma but only hinders healing in the long term. 

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