What to expect


Review of Full medical History 

Address Chief Complaint and Accompanying systems

Review of Systems: In-depth Questioning regarding overall Health. In Chinese Medicine it is believed that every small part of the body Mirrors the whole. Moreover, the body is beautifully interconnected via a webbing of channels that covers the entire surface of the body as well as connects to the deeper organ levels of the body. Therefore, when one small part of the body is stagnant, bound or disconnected it may radiate, refer or appear in other parts of the system. So, it is important to have a full, detailed picture in order to match all the pieces of the puzzle of TCM diagnosis. The result, is free flowing qi and blood through the channels of the body, returning the body to its natural state of balance and health.

Tongue and Pulse: Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the Tongue and pulse to further gather information about the internal balance of the channels as well as the state of the gastro intestinal tract, which is the root of good health. Practitioners have been using this method for thousands of years and use it is a primary and essential tool in diagnosis and treatment.

Physical Assessment: This section is observation of the body’s alignment, to assess orthopedic and pain management patients. Certain Muscle testing or orthopedic tests can help pinpoint the muscle/ligament/ tendon/bony structure that may be out of alignment or imbalanced.

Acupuncture Treatment: Depending on chief complaint, the patient lies supine or pronated for 10 to 30 minutes.  This may be repeated on second side. At which points the needles are removed.

What you may feel? A muscle release, if orthopedic treatment. Others feel a warming or buzzing or aching sensation. The sensation is what is referred to as “Da Qi”. This is a good sign. The Channel/point has been activated and you are on your road to recovery.  Some patient’s do not feel anything specific, but may feel an overall sense of relaxation and want to sleep or have an emotional release. Either way, you are on your road to recovery!

Post treatment:

Additional compliments to Acupuncture: 

30 or 60 minute Massage can be added to treatment:

Linaments: used for orthopedic treatments

Essential Oils: For Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety as well as Nausea, depression, poor appetite among many other things. Inquire at treatment if interested.

Physical Stretches and exercises: These may be included at the ned of the treatment as well as given as instructions to do at home.

Nutritional or Dietary Suggestions: 

Suggested Herbal Consultation

Set Treatment Plan:  Patient and practitioner decide upon the ideal plan , which includes total number of treatments and treatments per week for utmost result, before reassessment.


FOLLOW UP 60 min

Review response to last treatment

Quick Re evaluation of Systems

Tongue and Pulse









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